#ManagersForFuture is a grassroots movement striving to change the world of management for good. As many other “ForFuture” movements throughout the world, and as our name clearly states, we’ve been inspired by the actions and the words of the Fridays For Future global movement. Also, we frmly believe that “we need to treat it and call it for what it is: not simply a change, it’s a climate crisis”. We have to implement the Paris Agreement and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals now. This is our shared responsibility.

While it is clear that we have to become better at creating sustainable impacts for our environment, society and a lasting economic system, the question of « how » to achieve it is too often left aside. The workplace is key to achieving this transition. Furthermore, the accelerating polarisation of our societies requires us to build new bridges, to reconcile business
with the urgent global needs for a profound transition touching all aspects of management. ManagersForFuture therefore tries to create understanding between management and the ForFuture movement. As influential stakeholders, we are in a particular position to lead the
necessary ecological and societal transition by example. Both privately and professionally.

We, ManagersForFuture, act responsibly as managers, as civil society members and as inhabitants of this planet.

If you would like to know more, read the #ManagersForFuture Manifesto and check out how to support our campaign under "campaign". Also check out the Twitter and Facebook pages @Managers4Future and subscribe to our newsletter.


Download the ManagersForFuture Manifesto here

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